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The Ails Of Typographic Anti-Aliasing | Smashing Magazine

Je ne m'étais jamais rendu compte, jusqu'à ce que les yeux manquent de me sortir de la tête en regardant ma page sous Safari.
Super Artikel zu Antialiasing
Comprehensive article on font antialiasing, especially on the web
Maxvoltar - -webkit-font-smoothing
Schöne Schrift in Webkit-Browsern. Endlich.
Tim erklärt bei Maxvoltar wie man mit einem CSS-Befehl für Webkit Schriften schöner rendern lassen kann. Aktuell funktioniert das in Chrome und den Webkit-Nightlies.
I’m not a big fan of the default text rendering in WebKit, in my opinion, it’s too heavy. There used to be a workaround where setting text-shadow would make the text thinner, but updating to Snow Leopard rendered that useless. Then someone found another hack (using -webkit-text-stroke) that seemed to work nicely, but it wasn’t usable on text-heavy pages, causing performance issues when scrolling.