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Animated Navigation w/ jQuery & CSS | jQuery Navigation | jQuery Tutorial | Easy jQuery Navigation Tutorial

How to Animate a GIF Inside of Photoshop CS4 - Psdtuts+
In this tutorial, we'll take a look at the Photoshop animation feature to create a nice animated GIF. I'm sure all of you already noticed the ads at the right
Great tool for making GIFS
Crafting an Animated Postcard With jQuery | Build Internet!
Codigos para hacer animaciones
Animated Navigation Bar Using jQuery | WebMuch
Tutorial on creating an Animated Navigation Bar Using HTML, CSS & jQuery.
Barra de navegação com animação ao passar o mouse (jQuery)
Gallery | Spritely
Tell us where you're using Spritely Spritely is fairly new (March 2010), so there's not much to see yet, but if you start using spritely to sprite up your web...
Animations with no Flash.
movimiento de pájaros y de fondos