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35 Beautiful Examples Of Animals Photography | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine

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Pink dolphin appears in US lake - Telegraph
The world's only pink Bottlenose dolphin which was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA.
Its a PINK Dolphin!!
I still don't understand this. But I think she's cute. It is a she.
Albino Dolphin!
The world's only pink Bottlenose dolphin which was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA
Clever as a Fox
The Russian geneticist Dmitri Belyaev provided a very interesting potential explanation. Genetics at the time was preoccupied with easily measurable traits that could be passed on - if you bred dogs, you could pick the biggest puppies, breed them, and they would produce bigger dogs on average. Fine. But that is selection of a single simple trait, something that likely did not require that many genes to “switch” in order for the puppies to be bigger.
Well, designer pets for one. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the project ran into serious financial trouble in the late 1990s. They had to cut down the amount of foxes drastically, and the project survived primarily on funding obtained from selling the tame foxes as exotic pets. Imagine a menagerie of dwarf exotic animals, who crave human attention and form bonds with people. It would be obscenely profitable. And the out there thought for the day? We’re doing this to ourselves. We don’t encourage people to act aggressively all day to everyone they meet. We reward certain behaviours more than other behaviours. My unprovable conjecture? Humanity is selecting itself for certain behaviours, and the traits we think of as fundamentally human (loss of hair, retention of juvenile characteristics relative to primates) are a side effect of this self-selection.
Dmitri Belyaev foxes
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Scenes from the zoo - The Big Picture -
Check out these amazing photos!
Amazing photos as usual
Pictures of Animals -- Animal Photos!
animal photos
Evolution Fucked Your Shit Up: The World’s 50 Freakiest Animals | James Gunn - Official Website for James Gunn
top 50 des animaux les plus degueu
Evolution sometimes go in weird directions...
Flickr: Museum of Animal Perspectives (MAP)'s Photostream
Animales con camara y lo que grabaron.
the perspectives of other animals
Wow. Check out webcams giving the point of view of an armadillo, a mole, a falcon...
World Animal Day 2009 - The Big Picture -
There are some lovely photos on this if you can be bothered to wait for them to load.
World Animal Day 2009 Earlier this month (October 4th) was World Animal Day. Started in 1931, the day was set aside to celebrate animal life in all its forms around the world, and humankind's relationship with the animal kingdom. Collected below are 41 photographs of animals around the world, at play, at rest, at work and more, taken over the past several weeks. [Previously on TBP: World Animal Day 2008] (41 photos total)
reynen: owl in box
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Turritopsis nutricula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"a species of jellyfish that can live indefinitely"
Turritopsis nutricula is a small (5mm) species of jellyfish which uses transdifferentiation to become younger after sexual reproduction. This cycle can repeat indefinitely, rendering it biologically immortal. It originates from the Caribbean sea, but has now spread around the world.
Biologically immortal jellyfish
Is There Anything Cuter Than This?
Söpöjä eläinvauvoja.
Animals are lovable and we all love to watch their funny actions. The more we see, the more we would like to see them because they are the most adorable ones on earth. Here are some of the lovely pictures of these wonderful animals.
Unbedingt Helena schicken
brain rebooter
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Evolution Fucked Your Shit Up: The World’s 50 Freakiest Animals | - Official Website for James Gunn
dziwne zwierzaki
eww. - Cats Bitter Disappointment After Sneaking Up On Pigeon.
De-nied. Oh, well, time for a nap.
The world's only immortal animal | Yahoo! Green
RT @EHillBurns: Jellyfish "can regenerate its entire body" repeatedly RT @JLVernonPhD: A must tweet! The world's only immortal animal ht ...
Oh, crap... "Worldwide silent invasion" of immortal jellyfish: Why didn't something fluffy discover eternal life?
The world's only immortal animal | Yahoo! Green
Dog Having a Blast in the Snow - Video
Dog Having a Blast in the Snow - Video
'Hey I'm Dead!' The Story Of The Very Lively Ant : NPR
Very cool story about ants and smells.
ハヤブサとタカにカメラを搭載!鳥の目線で見る動画 - 地球はすごい!明日の地球 自然 動物 風景の動画や写真
Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung
Not a fan of cats, but this guy is damn good.
صور ماكانت اتوقع انها عبارة عن رسمات بقلم الرصاص لفنان صيني – سعود الهواوي (saud264)