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The Evolution of a Website Design | Think Vitamin

Germ - thought you might enjoy this as much as I did
Last week I was presented with a design brief. It was to design and build a site to promote our new Stack Overflow DevDays event that’s happening this October. Ryan gave me a rough wireframe detailing the content that needed to be included. The layout and design was down to me. As usual I didn’t have a bloody clue where to start… and I didn’t have long to do it. The initial hope was that I get it all done in just over 2 days. So I thought it might be interesting to share with you the various stages of design the site went through before arriving at the finished design. Here’s the wireframe Ryan put together for me wireframe Ok so here goes. Stage 1 Stage 1 Stack Overflow DevDays is mainly gonna be a US tour + a gig in London. So I want a map or something to show where the dates are gonna be. I was going to use a flat map but decided a globe was cooler. I drew the globe based on one I bought from (Note: Dates and cities shown in these designs were just provisional