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Glowing Cities Under a Nighttime Sky on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

timelapse of night time clouds outside of plane
This is awesome...
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Redesigning the Boarding Pass - Journal - Boarding Pass / Fail
Redesigning The Boarding Pass
igor113 - Экраноплан "Лунь" проект 903
Aerodynamic air-cushion vehicle "paleness" project 903 * Nov. 30th, 2009 at 4:42 PM Here in me reached hands [ekranoplana].[Ya] I will break story about it on 3 or 4 parts: 1- aerodynamic air-cushion vehicle outside (1 or 2 parts) 2- aerodynamic air-cushion vehicle from within, the 3- dock of aerodynamic air-cushion vehicle. In 1987. to the water descended "the paleness" the first ship of a series of the combat rocket-carrying aerodynamic air-cushion vehicles with a weight of 400 T. Chief designer he was [V].[Kirillovykh]. Ship was armed by three pairs of the cruise missiles of 3[M]80 or 80[M] "mosquito" (NATO designation SS- N -22 Of sunburn). The second "paleness" also was embedded as rocket carrier, but the begun conversion introduced its correctives, and it they planned to finish building as rescue. [LTKH]: Modification is paleness the span of wing, m 44.00 length, m 73.80 height, m 19.20 wing area, [m]2 550.00 mass, the kgf of empty aircraft 243000 maximum takeoff 380000 ty
Sito russo di foto di uno strano progetto di veicolo anfibio ad effetto suolo detto "ekranoplan" una via di mezzo tra un Hovercraft ed un aeroplano. Sfrutta l'effetto suolo generato dal moto dell'aria sotto le ali ...
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Хорошая подборка в одном месте
I figure this is like porn for you.
origami hang glider
Build and Surf an Origami Hang Glider on a Wave of Air
Top 10 Strategies for Surviving Airports and Airplanes
RT @draenews: Del Top 10 Strategies for Surviving Airports and Airplanes:
RT @lifehacker Top 10 Strategies for Surviving Airports and Airplanes
John Graham-Cumming: How to sleep on a long haul flight
... But the flight was over ten hours. The right thing to think is: oh, 10 hours of sleep, that'll do me good. But do not look at your watch and think about the flight time left. Just close your eyes, put on the blindfold, shut out the noise and relax. Of course, relaxing is hard, but I find that something simple like alternate nostril breathing works wonders to calm me down. The yogi probably won't tell you but the beer also helps. PS It's important to know how to unblock your ears because blocked ears can be painful. Here's a good description.