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Billige Fluege nach DE...
Find and book cheap airline tickets with Search hundreds of travel sites, compare results, and buy direct.
The Big List of What Your Airline Really Charges You
List of fees, upgrade costs, etc
TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant
TripChill Mobile Travel Assistant web applicaton
mobile trip assisntant, similar to
Travel: Use Codeshares To Find Cheap Summer Flights Abroad
how do you find codeshares? First, find your desired flight number and punch it into a flight tracking service like Flight Stats. Look for a section breaking out specific codeshares and the flight numbers associated with the other airlines. Then, go to each airline listed and search for the codeshared flight number to compare the price. Once you've found the lowest fare, book it and start packing!
Before locking in your summer fare to Europe, see if you can't find a better deal by searching an airline's codeshare partners.
Dear Dustin Curtis | Dustin Curtis
But those of us who work in enterprise-level situations realize the momentum even a simple redesign must overcome, and not many, I’ll bet, are jumping on this same bandwagon. They know what it’s like. I'm referring to the new kind of brand, the one is formed by the entire experience of a customer's interaction. That experience gets branded into his or her memory and leaks into the buzz of modern culture. via Caitlin
UX guy reprints email and then attempts to address corporate culture issue; strong opinions follow but most compelling part is the insight from the UX guy himself (known as Mr. X) "But—and I guess here’s the thing I most wanted to get across—simply doing a home page redesign is a piece of cake. You want a redesign? I’ve got six of them in my archives. It only takes a few hours to put together a really good-looking one, as you demonstrated in your post. But doing the design isn’t the hard part, and I think that’s what a lot of outsiders don’t really get, probably because many of them actually do belong to small, just-get-it-done organizations. But those of us who work in enterprise-level situations realize the momentum even a simple redesign must overcome, and not many, I’ll bet, are jumping on this same bandwagon. They know what it’s like."
complain about a corporate website then get surprised to hear about how design under corporate politics work? hm.
"There's a common attribute that makes for good designers, good engineers, good employees, and good companies. For a long time, I couldn't figure out what it was. Was it practice? Was it skill? Was it innate ability? Turns out, it's none of those. It's taste."
YouTube - United Breaks Guitars
- In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines faris
Just watch this.
united guitars
The page on YouTube
flight delay prediction, way better than what the airlines tell you
JetBlue | All-You-Can-Jet Pass
Alll-You-Can-Jet Pass informational page
wish I had time to do this...
'$599 for a month of unlimited travel'
Luggage Limits - Airline Baggage Allowance Policies
Tells the luggage weight and number of pieces allowed on various airlines
Airline baggage allowance policies.
provides the baggage policies of over 90 airlines, based on your airline and trip route
Flickr Photo Download: Low cost flying
Comparison between low cost and regular airline infographic
The Recession and the American Airline Industry
(has fees chart)
Booking a Flight the Frugal Way - Frugal Traveler Blog -
The Frequent Flier's Guide to Finding Cheap Airfare - Saving Money - Lifehacker
Airspace Rebooted on Vimeo
La explosión del volcán Eyjafjallajökull hace 2 semanas hizo que el tráfico aéreo de media europa quedara suspendido por unos días. En ésta llamativa animación se ve la vuelta a la normalidad (especialmente en lo que afecta a UK).
A visualisation of the northern European airspace returning to use after being closed due to volcanic ash. Due to varying ash density across Europe, the first flights can be seen in some areas on the 18th and by the 20th everywhere is open.
Travel Web Sites: A Click-On Showdown - Frugal Traveler Blog -
best travel web sites