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magicsocket ~ Adobe Flash development

magicsocket: actionscript development, interactive art direction, design
Peter and Paul
from Identity design to websites and exhibition design as well... these guys rock at Communication Design big time
based in sheffield
nice yorkshire creative/comms consultancy
Estudio de diseño gráfico majete
home | paramore|redd online marketing | website and media design and development
We're a full-service interactive agency in Nashville with happy and successful clients all across America.
Interactive Advertising and Web Development Agency in Nashville, Tennessee
Cornwell :: Possibilities
Escritório de design com cases legais sobre brand, comunição visual.
/ M / A / S / H /
Take a few well-chosen brand creators, designers, simplifiers and solutionists; with a passion for what we do (by definition a Branding Agency). Put in the awkward position of having to define ourselves, and feeling a little like we are putting an ad in the singles column, Mash is an agency that creates truly memorable work without the ridiculous theories and processes. We cater specially to clients who truly want to build their brand with creativity and originality.
MASH なんだかかっこいいです デザイン 会社なのかユニットなのか組織なのかわからん
The Directory
Looks like something to explore
design studios
Studio Ten and a Half
We are an independent graphic design consultancy, based in London, dedicated to producing unique and effective design solutions. Whether working on large corporate projects or for small independent companies, we believe that building strong long-term client relationships is key. Our work includes brand identities, editorial design, exhibitions, corporate literature, signage, packaging and websites. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our work.
Estúdio Alice
Ilustração do cartaz de fim de ano, ou de um ano (e pouco) do estúdio Alice. Chegamos ao consenso de que seriam presentes, destinados aos nossos clientes, fornecedores e amigos, mas ainda não sabemos se foi uma ação de fim de ano, natal ou de aniversário. Talvez seja um pouco disso tudo. Através da imagem do cartaz pensamos em relacionar a Alice (enquanto personagem) a uma série de referências. Como se a Alice, que na imagem aparece somente as pernas, representasse uma mulher muito bonita (deixando o expectador na curiosidade) mas cheia de idéias e referências ao seu redor. Prontas para serem usadas e aplicadas. Além do pôster foi feito um chaveiro, uma camiseta e uma caixinha com o rosto do Papai Noel (ou não, há controvérsias).
Portfolio site
website with good graphs/charts/grids
Cool stuff, more data based than xplane
Mind the Curb™
the natural media company
for steve
Green advertising promotion
Google Agency Toolkit
Nothing - Commercial Creativity
cardboard office
nice website, great illustration of Fiodor Sumkin
Digital Outlook Report 2009
very thorough cutting edge report, all 170+ pages...
analysis and future of digital marketing applications including tv, mobile, and social
Onderzoek met vooruitzichten ontwikkeling media en internet in 2009 van Razorfish (US)
Razorfish outlook on the digital space - version 09
D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO
Ecrire pour naviguer
Portfolio diseño en MS2 (7)
Portfolio MS2
old school involvement. smarty pants
Magnífico estudio, con un portafolio muy apañao. Me ha gustado mucho...
estudio diseño inspiracion
50 Trend-setting Design Studios and Agencies | Inspiration
Guia Visual de Sites - Agências
Guia Visual de Sites
Guia de todas as agências brasileiras.
Socio Design Farringdon
Did the Diesel Meat puppet campaign and make other strangeness
video design agency inspiration advertising
Estudio de creativos que realizan vídeo, fotografía, performance, etc... Curiosa intro de cuerpos desnudos flotando en el vacío.
productora chevere
This intro is incredible. Naked folks floating through air, and I'm not normally into that.
Interesting nav and full screen video
:: WILLOW Design Belfast, Graphic Design, Belfast, Graphic Designers Northern Ireland ::
design gráfico, tipografia
WILLOW - Graphic Designers based in Belfast.
25 Signs You’ve Got a Strong SM Consultant or Agency » The Buzz Bin
Advice to marketers on choosing social media consultants.
by Beth Harte (cross-posted on the Harte of Marketing) and Geoff Livingston Our original post Top 25 Ways to Tell ...
1) Believes in the generous web and practices cross-linking in their blog (example: Kami Huyse) 2) Highlights others’ work in their blog (example: Chris Brogan) 3) Integrates social media as part of larger marketing strategy(example: Razorfish) 4) Doesn’t pretend to be an expert in all things digital; instead simply focuses on what he/she/they do best (example: Common Craft) 5) Gives away best practices in an effort to educate, grow social media in general (example: Todd Defren/SHIFT Communications) 7) Will tell you that there is no magic bullet for determining social media ROI and that you need to go further to accurately monitor, measure and determine the effectiveness of social media. (example: K.D. Paine). 8) Understands that social media is an important part of the larger word of mouth marketing principles (example: Ogilvy’s John Bell) etc...
YouTube - - Home Page
"this is our website."
Depois do criativo site da agência Modernista!, a agência BooneOakley lançou o seu site no YouTube. Se você gostou dos caras, acompanhe também o Twitter deles.
This is our website.
Amazing idea on how to represent yourself on the Internet.
youtube-videos as homepage/website - very cool
This is ad agency Boone Oakley's website. That's right, it's a YouTube video!
Creative Inc / Graphic Design, Branding & Advertising / A Creative Agency
Dublin-based branding studio
Dublin Ireland
Design, Branding, Advertising
OOOii [OPEN INTERFACE] | Designers of the Live Environment
The LIVE ENVIRONMENT is our response to a paradigm shift that is expanding the role of the creative desinger to explore and embrace new interaction models as the primary driving force in realizing the mutualism of consumer and content. This reengineering towards natural experience in an immersive venue is transforming the industry in ways that many are calling a revolution in visual communication.
The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
great manifesto for selling development projects and building an IT shop
Win without pitching
Crispin Porter + Bogusky | Advertising & Design Factory [BETA]
This site IS like an online version of Times Square. Yummy stuff.
New aggregation website by Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
| Advertising & Design Factory
Learning Twitter? Don't Take Your Cue From These Ad Agencies - Agency News - Advertising Age
NEW YORK ( -- As Twitter moves into the business mainstream -- nearing some 35 million unique global visitors, according to ComScore -- it's increasingly clear that one community has yet to fully embrace the social-networking tool du jour: agencies. The irony is that the same people clients hire to erect communications and social-media strategies often appear uncomfortable using Twitter themselves. One stark example: A couple of months back, Volvo struck a landmark ad-placement deal with YouTube to promote the Twitter feed for its XC60 model (@VolvoXC60). But the agency that created the innovative rich-media ad for Volvo, Havas' Euro RSCG, has an account (@Euro_RSCG) that's never been used.
Agencies are struggling to get their heads around Twitter
The irony is that the same people clients hire to erect communications and social-media strategies often appear uncomfortable using Twitter themselves. SO TRUE
Learning Twitter? Don't Take Your Cue From These Ad Agencies - Agency News - Advertising Age
y's brand, but don't hit people over the head with a litany of press releases. Be human. Attach a personality -- a name, a photo -- to your Twitter feed and balance promoting your brand with some personal updates so followers can get a sense of your company culture. Remember, Twitter is public! A client probably won't appreciate your tweeting "Ouch, got a nasty hangover" when you're late to the meeting. Keep clients looped. Be sure to share your agency's Twitter strategy with your clients. Get permission if you want to mention one by name, and don't forget that a lot of your work is proprietary. Don't let a careless misstep to cost you the relationship. Listen. Know what people are saying about you on Twitter. Use or an application such as TweetDeck to monitor the chatter. Respond. The point of being on Twitter is to engage wi
Over-promotion is a big problem on Twitter. At the same time, an agency's Twitter feed should share relevant information -- not only press releases -- so the balance can be hard to find.
List of Advertising Agencies on Twitter » Think » Mojave Interactive
Zaum & Brown | CD Sleeve Design, Band Art, Myspace & Website Design
magneticNorth - an interactive design company, based in the UK
navigation flash (on dessine des formes pour voir des rubriques)
A List Apart: Articles: Erskine Design Redesign
Our main goals: to attract bigger and better projects—and thereby cement our business, see it through the downturn, and discover excellent growth opportunities. Our aim was not simply to increase inquiries, but to improve the quality of inquiries, and our internal inquiry workflow.
Six / Showcase
portfolio site madyBySix
Ottawa Interactive Agency Ottawa Web Design Development Canadian Ottawa Interactive Ottawa Canada Ottawa Design Agency Web
***OLA Interactive Agency*** Ottawa - As a Interactive Agency we create innovative experiences through digital media. We provide solution that covers the entire process from creative design to production, complemented by our expertise in marketing and brand management.
Scatter/Gather: a Razorfish blog about content strategy, pop culture and human behavior
Razorfish Blog über Content Strategy.
Advertising Agencies & Social Media: A Culture Clash | Social Media Explorer
Read later
philosophically, advertising and social media are very different. Creatives, client services folks, account planners and the like are being asked to undertake a new method of communications that runs counter to everything they’ve ever been taught.
Also, some editing would help.
hunt. | Multi-disciplinary design studio | Melbourne
Multi-disciplinary design studio | Melbourne
pinch/zoom // mobile & web applications
Slider example, Traditional Aspects:, grid system, Black on white, Nice balance of fonts and headlines. (The small font, though legible, could maybe be a point size or two larger). Web 2.0 Enhancements: The JavaScript portfolio slider is dang fun and effective. Interface is minimalist and direct. Varied use of Illustration is a great touch. Embraces the web’s current technology without becoming cumbersome. Unique solutions to page layout (Check out the mega-dropdown when clicking the info tab. There’s virtually an entire website hiding up there!).
beautiful interface, very nice jquery UI elements
Garret Murray is co-founder
||     LE CAÏD      |      YO-I      ||
Mike Arauz: A New Business Model for Digital Agencies
Why make one big website when you can create 100 little digital experiences?
I want to see a new digital agency model that sells a package of 100 small digital experiences, that can each be executed quickly and cheaply, instead of selling the 1 big digital experience
thoughts about how to behave as the a new model digital agency
A ceramics professor comes in on the first day of class and divides the students into two sections. He tells one half of the class that their final grade will be based exclusively on the volume of their production; the more they make, the better their grade. The professor tells the other half of the class that they will be graded more traditionally, based solely on the quality of their best piece. At the end of the semester, the professor discovered that the students who were focused on making as many pots as possible also ended up creating the best pots, much better than the pots made by the students who spent all semester trying to create that one perfect pot.
50 creative web agencies | INDEZINER
Web agencies are the ones that make the trends regarding webdesign. There are a lot of freelancers and companies nowadays. Some are great and some are not… well… we selected a few of great ones to showcase their work. Please check our list and comment about it and submit your own agency if you think [...] Related posts:<ol><li><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: Creative Media Free CSS Template'>Creative Media Free CSS Template</a></li><li><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: 30+ amazing cartoony websites'>30+ amazing cartoony websites</a></li><li><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: 30 inspiring dark website designs'>30 inspiring dark website designs</a></li></ol>
50 Fresh Interactive Studio and Social Media Agency Websites - Noupe
สวยๆ ทั้งนั้น
As you might observe, social marketing is the new black. Tons of studies predict huge budgets for social media strategies from the top shots, so the agencies need to sharpen their interactive skills in order to separate clients from their money. Lots of big advertising and PR networks created digital marketing divisions but given the fact that this is such a fresh trend, the independent studios have almost the same chances to land a big contract if they’re creative enough. Long story short, here is a showcase of 50 outstanding websites of digital marketing agencies, interactive advertising studios and online PR bureaus. The majority follows the trends of modern web design – wide layout, projects carousel, text over images, crisp textures in the background, large headers, homepage smooth animations, and – of course – integrated Twitter & Facebook functionalities.
B&W Studio +44 0 113 245 4200
graphic design.
Victors & Spoils - The world's first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles.
McDonalds color guidelines
photo of work
10 Creative Portofolios x 10 Awesome Studios = 100% Inspiration | Inspired Magazine
CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Designers Republic Is Dead; Long Live The Designers Republic
CR Blog - news and views on visual communications from the writers of creative review
i had no clue
UK design review site
After 23 years of brain-aided communication, the much-admired, much copied studio, The Designers Republic closed for business on Tuesday. But, as its founder Ian Anderson tells CR, it will rise again.
After 23 years of brain-aided communication, the much-admired, much copied studio, The Designers Republic closed for business on Tuesday. But, as its founder Ian Anderson tells CR, it will rise again All week, rumours have been flying around the internet that DR had gone out of business. CR can confirm that it is true. On Tuesday this week, the business was closed with nine staff being made redundant. According to its founder, Ian Anderson, the studio became insolvent due to a combination of factors: “We’d lost a couple of clients, didn’t win a couple of pitches, got a tax bill which should have been sorted out and wasn’t and a major client who didn’t pay the money they owed us – in themselves any of those things would have been fine but when they come all at once there’s not much you can do.”
Ah, sad to hear this news of an influence, a co-conspirator and client of old. Good luck to all of them in whatever they do next.
50 Professional Web Design Agency Web Sites : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Speckyboy Design Magazine
50 Professional Web Design Agency Web Sites : Speckyboy Design Magazine -
Analog is a company of friends who make web sites. It’s a co-operative where imagination, design, and engineering thrive; good people doing good work.
Andrei and company (via Mager)
Learn a new language online
Site para aprender novos idiomas.
A consultancy dedicated to helping clients create a clear sense of their own identity through strong, simple and meaningful communication.
47 Mandamentos
A very fresh and creative agency located nearby in none other than Van City. Some extremely innovative campaigns and novel marketing techniques - pumping out some incredibly content. Keep posted.
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Step into my cardboard office…
Step into my cardboard office…
CR Blog - news and views on visual communications from the writers of creative review
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Step into my cardboard officeâ¦
Escritório feito em reboard / UK / Business - Social networks threaten advertising growth, January 15 2009. Two-thirds of advertising agencies are not prepared for the industry changes prompted by social networks and new forms of digital media, a report has found. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which will publish the “Social Media Futures” report compiled by Future Foundation next week, has warned that advertising agencies face growth of just 1.2 per cent a year by 2016 if the industry fails to tackle the changes to the media created by sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Social networks enable consumers to pass on information about products and services, and recommendations from friends are more influential than traditional forms of advertising.
cost for agencies if they do not adapt to social networking as an advertising medium
As long as advertising don't relationship building, dialogue, honesty and authencity they can forget about playing a part in new media.
Your Agency Should Take Advantage of Web 2.0 - Small Agency Diary - Advertising Age
If anything, it has made us work a little harder to keep company with some of the great agencies that we admire.
The big question is how should agencies respond to Twitter as a disruptive technology? Do you give up short-term revenue from traditional marketing services that may be obsolete in several years, so that you can reinvent your business model? Do you hang on to your current business model as long as possible and run the risk of falling behind? I bet that most of us believe that we can create a hybrid model where we continue to practice traditional marketing and introduce select social-media components to our programs.
How Social Media Tools Can Complement What You Do
why agencies should use more social media / twitter
Software house for iphone development
great lighting, texture, really smooth firm site
who says the future needs an advertising agency? / what consumes me, bud caddell
Future of Agencies - will they even exist? Ideological article.
Who says the future needs an agency, anyway?
Advertising agency of the future sounds a bit like horse drawn carriage of the future. I’m not saying for certain that there won’t be agencies in the future, only that the future doesn’t necessarily need agencies. Just like the future doesn’t need printed news but it needs journalism; the future needs commercial communications, but who creates them, the agency or the brand or someone else, is unwritten.
» 25 Design Portfolios that will Melt Your Face Off! :: Positive Space Blog
An open source approach for establishing standards and practices in digital production.
An open source approach to applying standards to production
310k of pure magik
brizk design – Portfolio of Web Design Freelancer Kai Brach
ixels, Creativity & Lorem Ips
One More Production
One More Production - Special Effect studio in Paris
Producers of Pixels (Patrick Jean)
I Love Dust
foda pracaraio
Grip Limited
Great #Flash page with drag&drop navigation (HAHA to all iPad users): Grip Limited
Full Screen Flash interface w/ arrow key driven navigation - sliding panels left and right, columns up and down
Coke Pushes Value-Based Agency Compensation Model - Advertising Age - News
Coca-Cola Co. is trying to start an industrywide movement toward a "value-based" compensation model like one it's adopted that promises agencies nothing more than recouped costs if they don't perform -- but profit margins as high as 30% if their work hits top targets.
how coke rewards advertising agencies, value/performance based compensation
As the Lines Blur, Digital Agencies Are Taking Lead - Advertising Age - Agency News
Talk of transition to digital agencies
Digital and classical agencies - how to face the challenges of communication these days
Showcase Of Web Design In The Netherlands - Smashing Magazine
Great showcase -- some flash, some not
Showcase de websites holandeses, bem legal
The Official Manufacturing Company / Work
Created products, signage, etc for the ace hotel
Company in USA
everything beautiful
Красивый сайт
tom crabtree
Denver Advertising Agency Design Marketing Jobs News for Colorado – The Denver Egotist: The Rant: What Makes a Good Creative Director? Part 1 of 2.
What makes a good Creative Director
Attempting to make Denver suck less, Daily.
What makes a good creative director? Part 1 of 2.
And it’s great. It’s annoyingly terrific. You kick yourself and wonder why you didn’t think of it. You look at the CD with a new-found respect.
Forkbomb Studios - Premium Web & Design Services
Is Your Agency an Adhocracy? - a knol by Mike Carlton
team structure
The bureaucratic organizational model thrived during the 20th Century. But is it the right model for advertising agencies in the 21st Century? Could an adhocratic model be better suited for these challenging times?
Mecano - Your world is their playground
I don't think Mecano would be the same without Flash.
Your world is their playground. And so you gain to entertain. Especially in an oversaturated world where new medias rule. Mecano creates playful marketing strategies for the new digital culture.
mecano portfolio
CHMKT - Marketing | Cultura | Propaganda | Tendências | Comportamento: Brifando: Parte 1
briefs usados por agências de todo o mundo
Modelos de brief de grandes agências.
Modelo de briefing das agências
Briefing de agencias do mundo =D
Kokoro & Moi
estudio de design finlandês finnish design studio
Fantastic finland studio. Fun and best use of color I have seen ;)
52 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Company
If you need some help getting started, here are 52 questions to ask when hiring a social media company. This isn’t meant to be a full list, just something to get the conversation started.
52 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Company #socialmedia #brand #reputation #questions
Great list of things to consider when hiring a social media company like the Social Method or any other.
This isn’t meant to be a full list, just something to get the conversation started.
Exhaustive list of questions to ask of your company as you're getting ready to participate in social media.
Digital agency. Great website.
nice horizontal navigation
Mister – Graphic Design & Communication. Branding & Design for Online / Screen / Print & Publications. Glasgow, UK
damn, son -- look at that fucken grid
Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / Les 100 meilleures agences digitales au monde
Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / Les 100 meilleures agences digitales au monde -
100 melhores agencias digitais do mundo
Les 100 meilleures agences digitales au monde (Via @JeanDubearnes ) – Youcef ES-SKOURI (Technologix)