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Agencies Need to Think More Facebook, Twitter and Less TV - Advertising Age - Digital

Fred Wilson says Earned media is the future, not paid media. Let's see my PR brethren run with that one, and the ad people get all pouty
At the Ad Age Digital Conference, Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson has seen the future of marketing, and it's in earned, not paid media.
Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson Tells Marketers They Should Not Buy Media but 'Earn' It
50 Trend-setting Design Studios and Agencies | Inspiration
Learning Twitter? Don't Take Your Cue From These Ad Agencies - Agency News - Advertising Age
NEW YORK ( -- As Twitter moves into the business mainstream -- nearing some 35 million unique global visitors, according to ComScore -- it's increasingly clear that one community has yet to fully embrace the social-networking tool du jour: agencies. The irony is that the same people clients hire to erect communications and social-media strategies often appear uncomfortable using Twitter themselves. One stark example: A couple of months back, Volvo struck a landmark ad-placement deal with YouTube to promote the Twitter feed for its XC60 model (@VolvoXC60). But the agency that created the innovative rich-media ad for Volvo, Havas' Euro RSCG, has an account (@Euro_RSCG) that's never been used.
Agencies are struggling to get their heads around Twitter
The irony is that the same people clients hire to erect communications and social-media strategies often appear uncomfortable using Twitter themselves. SO TRUE
Learning Twitter? Don't Take Your Cue From These Ad Agencies - Agency News - Advertising Age
y's brand, but don't hit people over the head with a litany of press releases. Be human. Attach a personality -- a name, a photo -- to your Twitter feed and balance promoting your brand with some personal updates so followers can get a sense of your company culture. Remember, Twitter is public! A client probably won't appreciate your tweeting "Ouch, got a nasty hangover" when you're late to the meeting. Keep clients looped. Be sure to share your agency's Twitter strategy with your clients. Get permission if you want to mention one by name, and don't forget that a lot of your work is proprietary. Don't let a careless misstep to cost you the relationship. Listen. Know what people are saying about you on Twitter. Use or an application such as TweetDeck to monitor the chatter. Respond. The point of being on Twitter is to engage wi
Over-promotion is a big problem on Twitter. At the same time, an agency's Twitter feed should share relevant information -- not only press releases -- so the balance can be hard to find.
List of Advertising Agencies on Twitter » Think » Mojave Interactive
Top design twitters | Designcollector
Top Design Twitters
Mike Arauz: A New Business Model for Digital Agencies
Why make one big website when you can create 100 little digital experiences?
I want to see a new digital agency model that sells a package of 100 small digital experiences, that can each be executed quickly and cheaply, instead of selling the 1 big digital experience
thoughts about how to behave as the a new model digital agency
A ceramics professor comes in on the first day of class and divides the students into two sections. He tells one half of the class that their final grade will be based exclusively on the volume of their production; the more they make, the better their grade. The professor tells the other half of the class that they will be graded more traditionally, based solely on the quality of their best piece. At the end of the semester, the professor discovered that the students who were focused on making as many pots as possible also ended up creating the best pots, much better than the pots made by the students who spent all semester trying to create that one perfect pot.
50 creative web agencies | INDEZINER
Web agencies are the ones that make the trends regarding webdesign. There are a lot of freelancers and companies nowadays. Some are great and some are not… well… we selected a few of great ones to showcase their work. Please check our list and comment about it and submit your own agency if you think [...] Related posts:<ol><li><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: Creative Media Free CSS Template'>Creative Media Free CSS Template</a></li><li><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: 30+ amazing cartoony websites'>30+ amazing cartoony websites</a></li><li><a href='' rel='bookmark' title='Permanent Link: 30 inspiring dark website designs'>30 inspiring dark website designs</a></li></ol>
Victors & Spoils - The world's first creative (ad) agency built on crowdsourcing principles.
Your Agency Should Take Advantage of Web 2.0 - Small Agency Diary - Advertising Age
If anything, it has made us work a little harder to keep company with some of the great agencies that we admire.
The big question is how should agencies respond to Twitter as a disruptive technology? Do you give up short-term revenue from traditional marketing services that may be obsolete in several years, so that you can reinvent your business model? Do you hang on to your current business model as long as possible and run the risk of falling behind? I bet that most of us believe that we can create a hybrid model where we continue to practice traditional marketing and introduce select social-media components to our programs.
How Social Media Tools Can Complement What You Do
why agencies should use more social media / twitter
who says the future needs an advertising agency? / what consumes me, bud caddell
Future of Agencies - will they even exist? Ideological article.
Who says the future needs an agency, anyway?
Advertising agency of the future sounds a bit like horse drawn carriage of the future. I’m not saying for certain that there won’t be agencies in the future, only that the future doesn’t necessarily need agencies. Just like the future doesn’t need printed news but it needs journalism; the future needs commercial communications, but who creates them, the agency or the brand or someone else, is unwritten.
As the Lines Blur, Digital Agencies Are Taking Lead - Advertising Age - Agency News
Talk of transition to digital agencies
Digital and classical agencies - how to face the challenges of communication these days
Is Your Agency an Adhocracy? - a knol by Mike Carlton
team structure
The bureaucratic organizational model thrived during the 20th Century. But is it the right model for advertising agencies in the 21st Century? Could an adhocratic model be better suited for these challenging times?
Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / Les 100 meilleures agences digitales au monde
Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / Les 100 meilleures agences digitales au monde -
100 melhores agencias digitais do mundo
Les 100 meilleures agences digitales au monde (Via @JeanDubearnes ) – Youcef ES-SKOURI (Technologix)