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HOW TO: Build Your Thought Capital on Twitter

Twitter citation So how do you build thought capital from retweeting? As Ben Parr wrote, “retweeting is an integral part of the Twitter experience.” Retweets are a simple, yet powerful idea: you are citing someone else’s work. This is what it looks like: In this example, @ashley0206 found something @kwtodd linked to interesting. This simple retweet builds both @ashley0206’s and @kwtodd’s credibility. Why? Because now all of @ashley0206’s followers are now aware of @kwtodd. @kwtodd is now seen as someone who understands marketing, so people following @ashley0206 (like myself) will see if they want to follow @kwtodd. This retweet also allows @ashley0206’s followers see what she is into, thus adding to her credibility. Why retweets are important Dan Zarella’s brilliant quantitative analysis places retweets into four categories, and while impressive, still misses out on the qualitative, human aspect of social networks.
Good article on the value of Retweeting as a tool to build thought capital on Twitter.
Статья, сравнивающая построение социального капитала на Твиттере с помощью retweets с механизмом цитирования в науках.
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