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A List Apart: Articles: The Wisdom of Community

It’s one of the most important concepts on the web today—perhaps the most important for social media—but it’s one of the least understood. When James Surowiecki wrote The Wisdom of Crowds in 2004, he explored the stock market and other classic social psychology examples, but “web 2.0” was still nascent. It’s time to connect his ideas to the social web, where they can reach their full potential. The Wisdom of Crowds (WOC) theory does not mean that people are smart in groups—they’re not. Anyone who’s seen an angry mob knows it. But crowds, presented with the right challenge and the right interface, can be wise. When it works, the crowd is wiser, in fact, than any single participant. The standard example is this: Imagine you have a jar of pennies. Ask a few hundred people how many there are inside. When you tally the results, chances are, all the guesses will be wrong. But if you average all the answers, the result will be almost perfect, almost all the time. The web, with its low barr
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Henry VIII (king of England) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
harder to navigate
the pictures were good and info easy access
I like the information in an easy access form when beginning research on an individual to give me an idea where to go next.
just so-so. not too interesting
A good starting place for basic info. Then can go to a longer source like Wikipedia for areas that the student wants to devlop.
Good info and pictures
A lot of info. This site wasn't as interesting.
A good source.
I liked this one the best because of the amount of information and how the information is layed out. Easy to use!
good facts presented with related articles
Has researched sources
most reputable and most likely to be reliable source
Organized, Informative and a valid resource.
not enough info.
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