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Microsoft SDKs

Links to many of Microsoft's SDKs
ASP.NET MVC on IIS 6 Walkthrough
Includes how to set up global handler for using extensionless URLs, can be used in Webforms as well
ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate Now Available - ScottGu's Blog
MSDN Ramp Up
Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based learning program that will help you build professional development skills. Join Ramp Up (it's free!) and help advance your career - click on a track now to start!
Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based learning program that will help you build professional development skills
Create a Language Compiler for the .NET Framework Using C#
Compiler hackers are celebrities in the world of computer science. I've seen Anders Hejlsberg deliver a presentation at the Professional Developers Conference and then walk off stage to a herd of men and women asking him to sign books and pose for photographs. There's a certain intellectual mystique about individuals who dedicate their time to learning and understanding the ins and outs of lambda expressions, type systems, and assembly languages. Now, you too can share some of this glory by writing your own compiler for the Microsoft® .NET Framework.
8 ways to be a better programmer in 6 minutes.
simple tips
"Don't kill yourself striving for 100% coverage of code with automated unit tests. But take a few minutes to increase your coverage by 1%. Most likely, that means going from 0% to 1%. And that's the biggest improvement of all." Annotated link
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Hanselman List of Podcasts for .NET Programmers
A comprehensive list of podcasts (mostly .Net specific)
xVal - a validation framework for ASP.NET MVC « Steve Sanderson’s blog
I’ve written about validation in ASP.NET MVC more than once already. So have others (Stephen Walther, Emad Ibrahim). It’s an ongoing subject of discussion because the MVC Framework comes with great support for server-side validation (though it isn’t obvious if you come from a WebForms background), but at least as of version 1.0, it won’t ship with any built-in support for client-side validation. I managed to get a few spare days this last week, so I decided to try and formalize lots of these ideas into something solid that you can actually use in real production code - something more than just another throwaway blog post. So here it is: xVal, an open-source project hosted on CodePlex.
your choice of client-side v
iPhoneでC#アプリが審査に通るワケ - @IT
A Guide to Learning ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate 1
Learn about the differences between ASP.NET MVC application and ASP.NET Web Forms applications. Learn how to decide when to build an ASP.NET MVC application.
I bet this'll come in handy
Nocturn vision » Blog Archive » Design principles
Free ASP.NET MVC eBook Tutorial - ScottGu's Blog
Microsoft Web Platform - Home
Microsoft Web Platform - Home
Moserware: How .NET Regular Expressions Really Work
ASP.NET MVC Best Practices (Part 1) - Kazi Manzur Rashid's Blog
ASP.NET MVC Best Practices (Part 1) - Kazi Manzur Rashid's Blog
13 ASP.NET MVC extensibility points you have to know
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - ELMAH: Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (and MVC too!)
A cool tool for reporting errors on ASP.NET web sites
via Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen
Descry - Lab - MIX Online
mix: ways to utilize visualizations
A guide to Silverlight 3 new features
Axum is a language that builds upon the architecture of the Web and principles of isolation, actors, and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability, and developer productivity. Other advanced concepts we are exploring are data flow networks, asynchronous methods, and type annotations for taming side-effects.
Axum is a language that builds upon the architecture of the Web and principles of isolation, actors, and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability and developer productivity.\
Growl for Windows
I can't decide between Snarl and Growl for Windows
Put simply, Growl lets you know when things happen. Files finished downloading, friends came online, new email has arrived - Growl can let you know when any event occurs with a subtle notification. The rest of the time, Growl stays out of your way.
NerdDinner Tutorial
visual studio needed
An excellent introduction to ASP.NET MVC by means of implementing an actual application.
IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit - ScottGu's Blog
ke a look at how we can use the Site Analysis tool to quickly
SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the important considerations that any Internet web-site needs to design with in mind. A non-trivial percentage of Internet traffic to sites is driven by search engines, and good SEO techniques can help increase site traffic even further. Likewise, small mistakes can significantly impact the search relevance of your site’s content and cause you to miss out on the traffic that you should be receiving. Some of these mistakes include: multiple URLs on a site leading to the same content, broken links from a page, poorly chosen titles, descriptions, and keywords, large amounts of viewstate, invalid markup, etc. These mistakes are often easy to fix - the challenge is how to discover and pinpoint them within a site.
Tool to optimize searches of your site.
How we do MVC - Jimmy Bogard -
How we do MVC
using the ASP.NET MVC framework on a production application for about 9 months now, and in that time, we’ve crafted a number of opinions on how we want to design MVC applications. - Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension
Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension
The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 update, pushed through the Windows Update service to all recent editions of Windows in February 2009, installs the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant firefox extension without asking your permission.
do you know anything about this?
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 installs a massive security vulnerability in Firefox, without asking for permission. How to remove it
ASP.NET MVC Best Practices (Part 2) - Kazi Manzur Rashid's Blog
Kazi Manzur Rashid's Blog
This is the second part of the series and may be the last, till I find some thing new. My plan was to start with routing, controller, controller to model, controller to view and last of all the view, but some how I missed one important thing in routing, so I will begin with that in this post.
Kazi Manzur Rashid's Blog - Sharing Thoughts and Learning on Microsoft .NET Technology
Security Fix - Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension
firefox; beware of security update
see comments
"I'm here to report a small side effect from installing this service pack that I was not aware of until just a few days ago: Apparently, the .NET update automatically installs its own Firefox add-on that is difficult -- if not dangerous -- to remove, once installed., which lists various aspects of Windows that are, well, annoying, says "this update adds to Firefox one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities present in all versions of Internet Explorer: the ability for Web sites to easily and quietly install software on your PC." I'm not sure I'd put things in quite such dire terms, but I'm fairly confident that a decent number of Firefox for Windows users are rabidly anti-Internet Explorer, and would take umbrage at the very notion of Redmond monkeying with the browser in any way. Big deal, you say? I can just uninstall the add-on via Firefox's handy Add-ons interface, right? Not so fast. The trouble is, Microsoft has disabled the "uninstall" button on the extension."
Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension [from]
Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension A routine security update for a Microsoft Windows component installed on tens of millions of computers has quietly installed an extra add-on for an untold number of users surfing the Web with Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.
Search Engine Optimization Toolkit : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
SEO outils optimisation fournit par IIS
ASP.NET MVC 1.0 - ScottGu's Blog
scott guthrie, pub 4/1/2009
ScottGu's Blog
tweetsharp - Google Code
sobees integrates a large number of Internet services. sobees automatically pulls information from friends on different social networks together with news, photos, videos, and other data from the Web.
gerenciador de twitter
Friendfeed is still down. And I'm trying this new Twitter client, bDule [from]
Nice looking Twitter/Facebook client. Windows only.
2009-07-04 - 当面C#と.NETな記録
MSDN Up North : Downloadable NDC2009 videos
developer videos from NDC2009
A comprehensive list to Silverlight Controls for developers
실버라이트 컨트롤모음
The web site and blog of Tim Heuer, Program Manager for Microsoft Silverlight. A great resource for learning Silverlight development and other Microsoft related technology.
csharp-sqlite - Project Hosting on Google Code
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Scott Hanselman's 2009 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
Pretty awesome list of windows development tools
Main Page - MonoTouch from Novell
MonoTouch is the Mono edition for Apple's iPhone and Apple's iPod Touch devices.
Announcing the Microsoft AJAX CDN - ScottGu's Blog
This is amazing - MS is providing a Content-Distrib-Network for us to use for free, to distribute the jQuery and ASP.NET-AJAX files.
SMTP server for testing that does not forward e-mail but displays it in a GUI
Papercut is a simplified SMTP server
WebsiteSpark - Home
K. Scott Allen : 6 Tips for ASP.NET MVC Model Binding
200 Page Manual on Inversion of Control (plus or minus 199) « Rob Conery
Excellent Read
ASP.NET MVC Cheat Sheets
Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC 1.0 ASP.NET MVC: The Request-Handling Pipeline ASP.NET MVC: View Cheat Sheet ASP.NET MVC: Controller Cheat Sheet ASP.NET MVC: Framework Cheat Sheet ASP.NET MVC: Proven Practices Cheat Sheet
Getting Started with Silverlight development
GitSharp - eqqon
Inspiration for API for versioning XBRL instance document
Concurrency Hazards: Solving 11 Likely Problems In Your Multithreaded Code
Solving 11 Likely Problems In Your Multithreaded Code
MSDN Library 2008/11 - Joe Duffy
Server-side programs have long had to deal with a fundamentally concurrent programming model, and as multicore processors become more commonplace, client-side programs will have to as well. Along with the addition of concurrency comes the responsibility for ensuring safety. In other words, programs must continue to achieve the same level of robustness and reliability in the face of large amounts of logical concurrency and ever-changing degrees of physical hardware parallelism.
Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition
Using ASP.NET MVC with Different Versions of IIS : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
Microsoft portal site for the ASP.NET development community. Download Visual Web Developer, post to the forums, read blogs and learn about
In this tutorial, you learn how to use ASP.NET MVC, and URL Routing, with different versions of Internet Information Services. You learn different strategies for using ASP.NET MVC with IIS 7.0 (classic mode), IIS 6.0, and earlier versions of IIS.
קינפוגים שונים לשרת או לטבלת הכתובות
Facebook SDK Overview
微軟釋出Facebook SDK
Microsoft Toolkit to enable .NET developers to quickly and easily leverage the various features of the Facebook Platform.
This toolkit is provided as a Facebook Client Library similar to Facebook's PHP Client Library or Facebook's JavaScript library. The goal is to enable .NET developers to quickly and easily leverage the various features of the Facebook Platform. This toolkit has evolved over time with input from the community and from Microsoft. The latest release (v3.0) includes new architectural improvements and provides an asynchronous interface for using the toolkit from Silverlight and from WPF. The main entry point is the API (Facebook.Rest.Api) class in the Facebook.dll assembly. This class wraps the Facebook REST API and provides an easy to use interface for calling the different methods currently available in the Facebook API. We've also provided samples and tools for helping develop Facebook applications in the various .NET platforms including: ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF and WinForms. Additionally, we've provided all the source code for the API, components, controls, and samples for you to exp
Functional Programming for Everyday .NET Development
How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET applications
Despite what a lot of people believe, it's easy to introduce memory and resources leaks in .NET applications. The Garbage Collector, or GC for close friends, is not a magician who would completely relieve you from taking care of your memory and resources consumption. I'll explain in this article why memory leaks exist in .NET and how to avoid them. Don't worry, I won't focus here on the inner workings of the garbage collector and other advanced characteristics of memory and resources management in .NET. It's important to understand leaks and how to avoid them, especially since they are not the kind of things that is easy to detect automatically. Unit tests won't help here. And when your application crashes in production, you'll be in a rush looking for solutions. So, relax and take the time to learn more about this subject before it's too late. Table of Content * Introduction * Leaks? Resources? What do you mean? * How to detect leaks and find the leaking resources *
.NETでリークする要因。「Events, or the "lapsed listener" issue」は良く目にする。
CodeRun - Online IDE
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Top 10 Tips Working Developers Should Know about Windows 7
"Here's my list of the Top 10 Things Working Developers Should Know about Windows 7. I say "working developers" because if you're a .NET developer you either have run into these questions or you will, so why not put them in one place."
TekPub: Top-quality screencasts and tutorials for web developers and geeks in general.
Contains popular paid series of videos on topics ranging from NHibernate to DDD.
Videos :: Microsoft PDC09
Nov 17-19; Workshops-Nov 16 (Los Angeles Convention Center) The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is Microsoft's premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects.
Storm - Home
A tool to test webservices.
STORM is a free and open source tool for testing web services.
Integration Testing Your ASP.NET MVC Application « Steve Sanderson’s blog
SapphireSteel :: Ruby In Steel - New Free Edition includes Visual Studio
Ruby In Steel
Ruby In Steel Personal Edition (PE) 2008 provides all the tools needed to develop and maintain Ruby or Rails projects including syntax sensitive customizable code coloring and code folding, numerous coding tools such as auto-indenting, code reformatting, bracket and keyword matching and integrated consoles to allow users to interact with the Ruby interpreter in docked or floating windows. Ruby In Steel PE 2008 even includes a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 for Ruby! Ruby In Steel PE 2008 is available for personal or commercial development. It does not require registration and it does not time out. It comes with an ‘All-in-One’ installer to allow users to install all the software required including: Visual Studio 2008 (‘Shell edition’), Ruby, Rails, MySQL and Ruby In Steel. Alternatively, users who already own a commercial edition of Visual Studio 2008 may install Ruby In Steel into that.
DotNetSurfers Blog - My Dot Net Developer’s tools list, and more…
15 Excellent And Useful Microsoft Silverlight Tutorials & Resources @ SmashingApps
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Tutoriály nejen pro Silverlight
silverlight samples - YES!
NHibernate Unit Testing
How to unit test NHibernate code using an in memory SQL Lite database.
: base(typeof(Blog).Assembly)
Unit Testing NHibernate from Ayende
PDC2008 Quick Video Link List (Updated: Now with link verification, MP4/ZIP links and Channel 9 session page links) - Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day
TL52 Team Foundation Server 2010: Cool New Features
60+ .NET libraries every developer should know about.
60 .Net Libraries
Yedda Twitter Library, FileHelpers Library, Elmah, Log4Net, Enterprise DT FTP Library, HtmlAgilityPack, OpenAuth Library etc etc
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 開発ガイドブック
Interview Questions Every Developer should ask an Employer
Focused on C#, ASP but still a good read
bitquabit - Zombie Operating Systems and ASP.NET MVC
That is M$ backwards compatibility for you! LOL.
Funny, and sad... "And that is why, in 2009, when developing in Microsoft .NET 3.5 for ASP.NET MVC 1.0 on a Windows 7 system, you cannot include /com\d(\..*)?, /lpt\d(\..*)?, /con(\..*)?, /aux(\..*)?, /prn(\..*)?, or /nul(\..*)? in any of your routes."
Use jQuery to catch and display ASP.NET AJAX service errors | Encosia
showing .net webservice errors webservices
ASP.NET for web designers: Introduction
Studio Styles - Visual Studio color schemes
Create and share Visual Studio color schemes
Visual Studio color schemes
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - The Weekly Source Code 34 - The Rise of F#
Some very good notes about F#.
Great list of F# links and tutorials and other stuff.
8 Websites Every Microsoft .NET Developer Should Know About |
There are currently millions of developers worldwide that are using Microsoft.NET technologies. If you are one of them or want to become one, then each of the
10 C# Shorthands that improve productivity | Martijn's C# Programming Blog
David Ebbo's blog : A new and improved ASP.NET MVC T4 template
YouTube - JavaZone Trailer: Java 4-ever
funny trailer parody of Java
Para geeks: "Papá, ¿por qué sólo usamos .net? ¿No hay otras plataformas? (Me encantó lo de Javatar) [from]
Schöner Java Trailer
Filme sobre java x .Not
Collection of .NET Framework and Visual Studio Posters
Introducing IIS Express - ScottGu's Blog
Replace ASP.Net development server with IIS Express
Net developers: Another option for local web development: IIS Express
JavaZone 2010
I'm not a geek video fanboy at all, but i pretty much enjoy this one.
Wow, Java 4-Ever must have taken some real time to produce! – Dion Almaer (dalmaer)
Introducing “Razor” – a new view engine for ASP.NET - ScottGu's Blog
"Introducing Razor – a new view engine for ASP.NET" by @scottgu #tech #aspnetmvc – Elijah Manor (elijahmanor)
Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4 - ScottGu's Blog
Tools and Utilities for the .NET Developer
Great tools and utilities more suited to .NET development
List of software and online tools for developers. Not necessarily .NET, but something for any developer.
Introducing WebMatrix - ScottGu's Blog
WebMatrix is a 15MB download (50MB if you don’t have .NET 4 installed) and is quick to install. The 15MB download includes a lightweight development tool, IIS Express, SQL Compact Edition, and a set of ASP.NET extensions that enable you to build standalone ASP.NET Pages using the new Razor syntax, as well as a set of easy to use database and HTML helpers for performing common web-tasks. WebMatrix can be installed side-by-side with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.
Introducing WebMatrix - ScottGu's Blog
Introducing WebMatrix - ScottGu's Blog