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Google Web Fonts for Wordpress plugin makes it quick and easy to use the Google Web Font Library from the administration panel within Wordpress. It utilizes the Google Web Font Loader to display fonts that are not installed on the user’s computer. Google Web Fonts Plugin Instructions Download and unzip the plugin. Upload the unzipped file into your Wordpress wp-content->plugins directory. In the Wordpress admin panel, open the Appearance tab in the left menu, and click Google Web Fonts. On the Google Web Fonts Plugin Options page, browse the available fonts in the Google Font Directory, and click the ones you would like to use to copy the Font API parameter name. Paste your chosen font into the Google Font input box, and specify a web save font to be displayed if your chosen font becomes inactive. Click Change Font. Go to your website’s from page to see if your chosen font is active. If not, choose another, rinse, repeat.