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LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine
LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine

Scratch for older kids?
Mirror's Edge 2D
A cool 2D port of the game. I must say its a bit less nauseating than the full game
Nice 2D version of the 3D videogame by EA.
2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! » Blog Archive » Rapid Prototyping Framework
game prototyping framework
In game c++ map editor tutorial with IndieLib engine that dosen't use tiles but pieced images like in Braid or Aquaria games
ferent parallax layers and camera zooming. You can have several tilesets and you can of course to save / load the maps using XML files. This type of editor is used in games like Brai
Lou's Pseudo 3d Page
2D (pseudo 3D) Graphics engine.