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10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.9 —

By and large, this release is a plugin developers release with lots of new APIs and abstraction. However, there are significant additions for theme designers and users as well. As a result, unlike previous iterations of this article (I do one for every major WordPress release), I’m going to break this down into sections for each kind of feature.
New in WordPress 2.9: Post Thumbnail Images « Mark on WordPress
WordPress 2.9: Post Thumbnail Images
I should try to use this feature.
add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
What if you want to use a small 50×50 hard-cropped image for the home page, but want to use a 400 pixel-wide (unlimited height) image on the post’s permalink page? You’re in luck. You can specify additional custom sizes!
WordPress 2.9 Enhancements Every Developer Must Know | W3Avenue
Enhancements and changes in WordPress 2.9 are focused on making publishing and managing your content more intuitive. This article highlights important enhancements and provide resources that will help you quickly upgrade your themes or plugins to accommodate latest features.
Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature
Everything about new thumbnail feature in Wordpress 2.9
Finalmente Wordpress ha le thumbnails incorporate
An in-depth look at how the post image feature in WordPress 2.9 can be used from the perspective of both end users and developers.
<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) the_post_thumbnail( 'thumbnail' ); else echo '<img src="default-image.png" alt="Example Image" title="Example" />'; ?>