This is the Tropo history page and is only for true fans.
Others will be bored to tears.

Summer: Time to move to Communitech. It's an incredible deal, $20/mo for 350MB and all kinds of stuff. Has to be the best deal around.
Sunday, Dec 7 The decision is made to have AIT host us. The original name choice was Tropez but that was unfortunately taken.
Monday, Dec 8 We're live via our IP address of That was quick - it only took 1/2 a day for AIT to hook us up.
Wednesday, Dec 17 Finally, after 2 weeks of delays and one resubmittal to the NIC, on at 8:30pm PST (exactly!) the domain tropo.com is live and whois knows about us. I was so eager I had a ping cron job running every 15 minutes checking for when the domain was first live so the time is exact!

The first real content, the Starry, starry night demonstration applet, appears.

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