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WordPress xmlrpc.php considered continually dangerous

It seems that for years I’ve been upgrading wordpress, and usually a security bug in xmlrpc.php is mentioned. The latest update, 2.3.3, has a typical line: …a flaw was found in the XML-RPC implementation… Besides upgrading whenever I notice the problem, my attempt an additional measure of safety is: chmod 000 xmlrpc.php Or maybe: mv [...]

More on redirecting from Textpattern to WordPress

I hacked up the Textpattern top level index.php so that it tries to redirect to WordPress. Of course I found a bug in the import script: it silently fails on articles that have single quotes in their title. Anyway, my code tries to be fail-safe — in this case it falls thru to the defalt [...]

When moving from Textpattern to WordPress don’t forget to redirect your RSS feeds

The instructions for importing Textpattern into WordPress work fine, however I think there are more things that can be done. If you install WP into a different directory, and keep the Textpattern around as I have, then users who refer to your old RSS feeds will continue to get stale info. Instead you want your [...]

I’ve moved all my Weblogs from Textpattern to WordPress

I’ve decided to move all my weblogs from Textpattern to WordPress. There are four public ones… this one and: SearchMorph ChessMorph StockMorph Why move? There are no major deal breakers – I wanted a weblog that is implemented in php and uses MySQL as the backend, and which supports modern things like trackback and pings. [...]

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