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Amazing deal on Ambient Orbs at Amazon

I stumbled across this today – these nifty things are $150 normally but amazingly Amazon is selling them for $32 – the price is not listed until you add them to your cart. It’s so lot it’s like free or a misprint. We have a few at work for decoration already and I like them [...]

Decent visualization showing Lance Armstrong’s performance in the Tour de France

There was a decent chart in the New York Times a week ago showing the performance of Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France – it shows which stages he won every year. What I’d like to see in this is also how he placed or how far behind the winner he was for each [...]

Visualization of the Linux boot process

This is cool – from, a script you run when your Linux system boots and the tool generates a chart that shows how much time the kernel spends and in what place during the boot, so you can then tune your system to boot faster – ironically this may not be needed since Linux [...]

Cool chess/art project

From is this chess/art runs in your browser, you play against it, and it draws cool swirly lines as it’s thinking. This is a screenshot of a game I played against it where I was White in a Danish Gambit. Click to go to their site. I found this on the popular [...]

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