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Python’s multiprocessing module is the new hottness

The new multiprocessing module in Python 2.6 and 3.0 looks pretty cool. It gets around the whole, um, design for low performance where the dreaded Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) makes multithreading difficult, by making it easy to spawn python subprocesses, communicate with them, and share data. They even have a form of security on the [...]

Recently discovered blogs that I like

ValleyWag – Silicon Valley tech gossip. Techcrunch – The Web2.0 world. And honorable mention, Sand Hill Slave, which has the best byline: I No Longer Fear Hell for I work in Venture Capital.

Amazon S3

Interesting announcement from Amazon: Amazon S3, a “Simple Storage Service”. Seems like a nice clean and simple web API for the storage of files…er…objects. The operations are done with the entire blob – you read or write the whole thing. The most interesting single thing is that they have a BitTorrent interface – see the [...]

Hierarchy vs Facets vs Tags

Nice article, HierarchyVersusFacetsVersusTags which gives a kind of information architecture / human factors view of hierarchies, facets, and tags — but it still seems to be that facets and tags are almost the same thing. I just did a quick read, but I think the article argues that in a rich system, multiple shallow hierarchies [...]

Visualization of the Linux boot process

This is cool – from, a script you run when your Linux system boots and the tool generates a chart that shows how much time the kernel spends and in what place during the boot, so you can then tune your system to boot faster – ironically this may not be needed since Linux [...]

Calculating the True Price of Software

Interesting analysis on what goes into the price of software: Calculating the True Price of Software. Points out things like the value of enterprise software is less if you can’t buy maint or support on it, thus the inherent value of the s/w is less than the list price, as the list price factors in [...]

Fun article on Poker in LA Times

This was a fun article in the LA Times yesterday: Poker Faced. It was suprising to me that they act like Poker bots are not that good and that bluffing is important even for a computer which knows the odds perfectly. On my reading list is The Challenge of Poker and other papers from the [...]

Quality of life improvement: Verizon DSL upgrade @home

I called Verizon to upgrade my DSL and voilla, a day later they did the change! Uploads using scp to used to be 8KB/s in the old days, then I think a few months ago they did some upgrade that got uploads to 16KB/s, but now it’s easily 80 KB/s, with bursts apparently to [...]

Short JSP example for java code that generates an PNG or JPEG image on the fly

I find it easier to crank out code with JSP that to do things the more proper way w/ Servlets. At times I want to generate images (PNG/JPEG) on the fly and if you’ve never done it before it’s hard to get it right initially. What follows is a small JSP code fragment that dynamically [...]

When moving from Textpattern to WordPress don’t forget to redirect your RSS feeds

The instructions for importing Textpattern into WordPress work fine, however I think there are more things that can be done. If you install WP into a different directory, and keep the Textpattern around as I have, then users who refer to your old RSS feeds will continue to get stale info. Instead you want your [...]

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