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Amazing deal on Ambient Orbs at Amazon

I stumbled across this today – these nifty things are $150 normally but amazingly Amazon is selling them for $32 – the price is not listed until you add them to your cart. It’s so lot it’s like free or a misprint. We have a few at work for decoration already and I like them [...]

My total speculation on Baidu

I thought I was so smart – Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU or here) went public on Friday and there’s lots of hype on how it’s the Chinese Google. So yesterday, Monday morning, at the open (6:30am) I bought some shares at $139/share. Surely there is a bigger fool A few minutes later are indeed lots of [...]

trackback test to stock options article

This is a reference to an article on stock options: stock options and the lying liars who dont want to expense them

How to make money when interest rates rise

Am trying to learn more about the stock market and how the big guys make money – question du jour is how do you make money when interest rates rise – which seems likely and imminent. The assumption I have is that when interest rates rise, stocks get hammered. Well starting at me from home [...]

powerbook battery annoyance

Jenny has a 6 month old Powerbook and about 2 months ago the charging system started acting flakey. You’d plug it in, charge it up to 100%, unplug it and sometimes the battery reading would almost instantly go to 0% and then the system would go off (as it had no juice). So I took [...]

Stock Market Blobs

I created something I call stock market blobs which is an infoporn view of the current performance of some segment of the stock market (DJIA/QQQ/S&P500). Each blob shows the performance of one stock. The x axis is the price The y axis is the volume (well, the log() of the volume) The width is the [...]

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