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Dinner at Baume’, Palo Alto

I had a delightful 4 ½ hour(!) dinner last week with Isaac Garcia, friend, interesting guy, CEO & Entrepreneur at Baume’ in Palo Alto. I  have wanted to go to elBulli in Barcelona, Spain, for ages, but it’s had to get into, even more expensive than Baume’, and a long flight. Baume’ is more convenient thus [...]

The Worst of Palo Alto: Safeway on Middlefield

Behold, the wrath of this blog will now shine on what has to the the worst of Palo Alto, yes, the Safeway on Middlefield. I went their last Friday and let’s see…they had like 3 bananas left, each cut and half and rotting, just laying there. Strawberries on sale, oh boy – let’s by 3 [...]

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