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3 Baby Possums in Manhattan Beach

I remember it well – July 10, 2007. For some reason I unexpectedly wake up around 5am (maybe due to the stress of our relocation to Palo Alto), go downstairs, sit in the dining room, waste time reading news on a laptop, and open the door to feel the fresh air. It gets a bit [...]

Rumor: PEP Program at Pacific School in Manhattan Beach to end

I would like to be the first, and probably only, blogger to break the rumor floating around the community here in Manhattan Beach, 90266, that the PEP program at Pacific Elementary School lost funding and is going to end. Apparently the principal will resign because of this too. My guess is that next years kindergarten [...]

The Only Native North American Marsupial Spotted in Manhattan Beach(!)

The other day I was sitting at our kitchen table with Lia (4 1/2y) and Kayley (1 1/2y) and Lia said “Hey…look at that!” and yes we saw a real wild animal walking by, a wild, probaby baby, Possum! Jeannette, who grew up in New York and itsn’t too fond of rats and other rodents [...]

Manhattan Beach SUV Crime

From the local crime mailing list – a rash of SUV breakins to steal third row seats. It seems like we’ve seen 2 of these in our block recently. At a glance these seem to sell for approx $600 new or maybe 300 on ebay. (TBD: I should try to pull all the crime locations [...]

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