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“I am impossibly, wonderfully alive.”

Joe Kittinger, 1959, after falling 60,000 feet in a training parachute fall for his record setting 102,800 ft jump in 1960. “I am impossibly, wonderfully alive.”

“I’m ready (to die), but I’m going to wait for the movie,” the girl replied.

Pixar grants girl’s dying wish with home viewing of ‘Up’ | pixar, up, movie, home, show, girl, cancer, die, huntington, beach – Entertainment – This is touching and heartwrenching I remember another story in the news 5 or so years ago about a girl who had some serious disease and she was going to [...]

Well – Better Running Through Walking –

Depending on one’s fitness level, a walk-break runner might run for a minute and walk for a minute, whether on a 5-mile training run or the 26.2-mile course on race day. A more experienced runner might incorporate a one-minute walk break for every mile of running via Well – Better Running Through Walking –


Business Insider: “…when the United States catches cold, China gets pneumonia…”

That was Zen, this is Freud

Great NYTimes article on a long time Zen Buddhist monk who undergoes psychotherapy: Enlightenment Therapy.

13,000 year old caveman tools found in Boulder, CO

13,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Cache in Colorado Shows Evidence of Camel, Horse Butchering

Python’s multiprocessing module is the new hottness

The new multiprocessing module in Python 2.6 and 3.0 looks pretty cool. It gets around the whole, um, design for low performance where the dreaded Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) makes multithreading difficult, by making it easy to spawn python subprocesses, communicate with them, and share data. They even have a form of security on the [...]

Flashback: Hermosa Beach, California Beach Sushi

I would like to give a shout out to Steve, Stuart, Louise, Brian, Koert, Daithi, Seamus, and anyone else who used to go with us to what, like every Friday or Saturday night to California Beach Sushi in Hermosa Beach and we would be in the bar from oh, what, like 8pm until 10pm and [...]

Amazing deal on Ambient Orbs at Amazon

I stumbled across this today – these nifty things are $150 normally but amazingly Amazon is selling them for $32 – the price is not listed until you add them to your cart. It’s so lot it’s like free or a misprint. We have a few at work for decoration already and I like them [...]

Recently discovered blogs that I like

ValleyWag – Silicon Valley tech gossip. Techcrunch – The Web2.0 world. And honorable mention, Sand Hill Slave, which has the best byline: I No Longer Fear Hell for I work in Venture Capital.

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