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Dinner at Baume’, Palo Alto

I had a delightful 4 ½ hour(!) dinner last week with Isaac Garcia, friend, interesting guy, CEO & Entrepreneur at Baume’ in Palo Alto. I  have wanted to go to elBulli in Barcelona, Spain, for ages, but it’s had to get into, even more expensive than Baume’, and a long flight. Baume’ is more convenient thus [...]

Let there be Challah

We like the Challah from Trader Joes, and one of the advances of this century is that you can buy it almost any day of the week, whereas in the ole days it seemed to be a Friday/Saturday bread. We usually make french toast out of it on weekends or just plain toast during the [...]

Flashback: Hermosa Beach, California Beach Sushi

I would like to give a shout out to Steve, Stuart, Louise, Brian, Koert, Daithi, Seamus, and anyone else who used to go with us to what, like every Friday or Saturday night to California Beach Sushi in Hermosa Beach and we would be in the bar from oh, what, like 8pm until 10pm and [...]

Recipie for sweet corn cakes from the El Torito Grill

Let’s see, on Jan 4, 1996 I read the LA Times and save one of my favorite recipes from the El Torito Grill, and I wait until well, 2007 to post it to the world. Of course I’ve been too busy the last decade or so to try it out, but I always loved it. [...]

Spun Sugar

Inspired by a nice picture on the cover of the April 2006 Martha Stewart Living magazine, I tried to follow a Spun Sugar recipe I found on the web, and well, I did get liquid sugar to drip down from chopsticks onto the floor…

El Bulli links

I’ve been hearing about chef Ferran Adria’s restaurant El Bulli for years, usually just thru a short mention in some home design magazine, and have now used the miracle of the internet to read up on it a bit. I believe it can be classified as Molecular Gastronomy, which means it is gourment cooking + [...]

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