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Pictures “developed” from trip to Nice, France

I was at a trade show in Nice, France in May and had some free time on and off to walk around. I really enjoyed the Old Town area – in fact, I find the rest of Nice too urban. The best discovery was the yummy street food: Socca. A French guy described it as [...]

Infinite Zoom

It’s definitely cool how on TV shows like the X Files or CSI, they can magically zoom into a low res picture almost forever and get more and more detail out of it. I have a Canon Digital Rebel (6MP) and one of their low end telephotos, the Canon EF 80-200mm I think. Last Summer [...]

CD and DVD Longevity

Read The NIST CD and DVD Care and Handling Guide and keep them in a cool dark place. Also use Gold CDs and Silver DVDs made by MAM-A. Unfortunately gold DVDs don’t exist yet.

Obscure Photoshop tip about sharpening images

First of all, as hopefully everyone knows by now, to sharpen images in Photoshop you use unsharpen, not sharpen (Filter::Sharpen::Unsharpen) Second, and here’s one of the few reasons I can find to use Photoshop instead of Photoshop Elements, you’re supposed to get better results if you use something called “lab color mode” (Image::Mode::Lab Color). The [...]

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