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Plywood specialty store

Phillips Plywood Co of Pacoima mentioned today in the LA Times. Might be worth a field trip — it sounds interesting if you’re into plywood: The company’s 100,000-square-foot warehouse is devoted entirely to decorative and hardwood plywood. If that’s not enough selection, customers can pick through veneer sheets of surprising and rare woods, such as [...]

Cool Faucet

Design by Mammoliti: — $600, which is $150 off at Faucets Direct! Hint: this only works in a Contemporary house Thanks Gizmodo.

Raytracing fun with Moray and POV

A strange structure in the ocean. Click to enlarge, then click on it again for a bigger one. And here’s a variation after making a “bug fix” and a couple of small changes. I just figured out one way of doing water – I was inspired by this fragment from caustic.pov in the POV distribution. [...]

Twisted Table

Can this twisted table be built so it doesn’t collapse? (Can it exist in nature or is it such a bad design it’ll immediately collapse?) Drawings below are done with Pov-Ray and Moray The concept is each leg goes at a 45 degree angle so it ends up under a different corner of the table [...]

Cute Chairs

I like these cute chairs from Baleri and they’re somewhat hard to find, esp when you tink the name is Belini or Bellini. The Apple Store on 3rd St has the round black ones in the kids area, the Tatino. DIY question: can you save money and have tons’o’fun by making your own? I’ve sat [...]

I try to make that cool light fixture

Mr DIY gives it a try and it doesn’t quite work. In this recent post I show a light fixture I discovered in Met Home magazine and then on the web that is seemingly made out of simple, off the shelf parts, and I thought it would be fun to try to make something like [...]

I think these lamps are cool

A future DIY project? Rody Graumans. 85 Lamps Lighting Fixture. 1992 Only $2450 at unicahome And a variation from freecell Thanks to GNR8 new/s.

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