Morning Glory Muffins

For years I used to go to Java Man in Hermosa Beach and regularly order their Morning Glory Muffins.

I’m pretty happy with the Morning Glory Muffin recipe from Earthbound Organic Farms and it produces muffins that look like this:

I’ve played around with the recipe and made some modifications:

  • I don’t use coconut
  • The amount of sugar can probably be slightly reduced, and I plan to try date sugar in the future.
  • I use cranberries instead of raisins. Trader Joes even has some nice orange flavored cranberries.
  • I used the indicated amount of flour, but I put in 1/2c of whole wheat
  • I usually add 1/4c of wheat germ for a super food boost
  • I plan to try reducing the amount of oil slightly as it seems kind of excessive
  • I usually don’t end up with all the carrots they want
  • I add sunflower seeds as that’s how I remember Java Man doing it.
  • The 8oz of pineapple is a handy amount as you can be convenient 8oz tins in the market.

The muffins are kind of amusing when done – they have such big, ah, heads, they’re so top heavy, that most tip over and can’t stand alone.

Don’t forget the monster, bakery/texas muffin pan – I bought mine at Williams Sonoma:

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