Recipie for sweet corn cakes from the El Torito Grill

Let’s see, on Jan 4, 1996 I read the LA Times and save one of my favorite recipes from the El Torito Grill, and I wait until well, 2007 to post it to the world.

Of course I’ve been too busy the last decade or so to try it out, but I always loved it.

Click for a very large scan:

sweet corn cakes from el torito grill

And since we don’t have OCR yet, I’ll list ingredients to make this article more findable: butter, shortening, masa harina, water, frozen corn kernels, cornmeal, sugar, whipping cream (! ah ha, the secret), baking powder, salt.

It’s probably easier to search for [el torito sweet corn cake] however who else has a monster scan of the source article?

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