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3 Baby Possums in Manhattan Beach

I remember it well – July 10, 2007. For some reason I unexpectedly wake up around 5am (maybe due to the stress of our relocation to Palo Alto), go downstairs, sit in the dining room, waste time reading news on a laptop, and open the door to feel the fresh air. It gets a bit [...]

The Worst of Palo Alto: Safeway on Middlefield

Behold, the wrath of this blog will now shine on what has to the the worst of Palo Alto, yes, the Safeway on Middlefield. I went their last Friday and let’s see…they had like 3 bananas left, each cut and half and rotting, just laying there. Strawberries on sale, oh boy – let’s by 3 [...]

Recipie for sweet corn cakes from the El Torito Grill

Let’s see, on Jan 4, 1996 I read the LA Times and save one of my favorite recipes from the El Torito Grill, and I wait until well, 2007 to post it to the world. Of course I’ve been too busy the last decade or so to try it out, but I always loved it. [...]

Lia is bored on a long drive and asks for help

In July we drove up to explore Palo Alto for a few days, and on the way back Kayley fell asleep and Lia was as good as good quietly reading in the back, and somewhere on I 5 she passed us this note that said “I am bord(sic)! Please help me”. And we just cracked [...]

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