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Spun Sugar

Inspired by a nice picture on the cover of the April 2006 Martha Stewart Living magazine, I tried to follow a Spun Sugar recipe I found on the web, and well, I did get liquid sugar to drip down from chopsticks onto the floor…

The Only Native North American Marsupial Spotted in Manhattan Beach(!)

The other day I was sitting at our kitchen table with Lia (4 1/2y) and Kayley (1 1/2y) and Lia said “Hey…look at that!” and yes we saw a real wild animal walking by, a wild, probaby baby, Possum! Jeannette, who grew up in New York and itsn’t too fond of rats and other rodents [...]

How you know when your kids have too many toys

Our family room is really “The Play Room” and is totally taken over by our 2 girls, which has always been fine with me. They have all kinds of toys, fine, and labeled plastic boxes so that the Polly Pocket dolls go in one box, the Farm Set goes in another, and so on. The [...]

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