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A disappearing page on FEMA chief Brown

The story in Time Magazine on Brown links to his page on, which, strangely, is apparently no longer there. Not even The Wayback Machine can find it – but luckily, if you use Google to search for that URL you can then view an older copy of the page in the Google cache. In [...]

The Good Samaritan Problem

Interesting reading: Major Disasters and the Good Samaritan Problem-BECKER. In a large disaster the goverment will rush in to bail out the affected people, however this may encourage behavior that the government wishes to discourage, such as building in flood plains or areas subject to flooding.

Drug Addicts going crazy in New Orleans

From Mayor to feds: ‘Get off your asses’ Transcript of radio interview with New Orleans’ Nagin, the transcript of when New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin went on the radio to ask for more help, what I found interesting and not covered elsewhere was a comment about the drug addicts going crazy. My comments are in [...]

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