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Manhattan Beach SUV Crime

From the local crime mailing list – a rash of SUV breakins to steal third row seats. It seems like we’ve seen 2 of these in our block recently. At a glance these seem to sell for approx $600 new or maybe 300 on ebay. (TBD: I should try to pull all the crime locations [...]

Kayley and Shadows

Kayley’s only 11 little months and just discovery the mystery of shadows. If there’s a light behind her casting her shadow on the wall, she walks up to the wall and carefully tries to touch the moving shadow — kinda cute..

Welcome to the Blogsphere Jenny!

Jenny has a blog: I believe it’ll be obvious to everyone that Cheng + Spencer = chencer.

A beautiful night – picture from the Mt. Wilson webcam

I just caught this by accident – wow – beautiful – nice clear night. Check out the current picture here:

My total speculation on Baidu

I thought I was so smart – Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU or here) went public on Friday and there’s lots of hype on how it’s the Chinese Google. So yesterday, Monday morning, at the open (6:30am) I bought some shares at $139/share. Surely there is a bigger fool A few minutes later are indeed lots of [...]


Steve and bigfrog do it again – I was up at 5am and some of the houses’ walls shook in a strange way a few minutes later – was it one of the girls kicking in her sleep? No. Was it an earthquake? No. Was it a sonic boom? A few hours later I saw [...]

Welcome to the blogosphere Sheri

Sheri’s planning on adopting a baby girl from Kazakhstan and will start writing about it here: See also the CIA World Factbook entry and the Presidents home page.

Hierarchy vs Facets vs Tags

Nice article, HierarchyVersusFacetsVersusTags which gives a kind of information architecture / human factors view of hierarchies, facets, and tags — but it still seems to be that facets and tags are almost the same thing. I just did a quick read, but I think the article argues that in a rich system, multiple shallow hierarchies [...]

Decent visualization showing Lance Armstrong’s performance in the Tour de France

There was a decent chart in the New York Times a week ago showing the performance of Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France – it shows which stages he won every year. What I’d like to see in this is also how he placed or how far behind the winner he was for each [...]

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