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Visualization of the Linux boot process

This is cool – from, a script you run when your Linux system boots and the tool generates a chart that shows how much time the kernel spends and in what place during the boot, so you can then tune your system to boot faster – ironically this may not be needed since Linux [...]

Calculating the True Price of Software

Interesting analysis on what goes into the price of software: Calculating the True Price of Software. Points out things like the value of enterprise software is less if you can’t buy maint or support on it, thus the inherent value of the s/w is less than the list price, as the list price factors in [...]

Plywood specialty store

Phillips Plywood Co of Pacoima mentioned today in the LA Times. Might be worth a field trip — it sounds interesting if you’re into plywood: The company’s 100,000-square-foot warehouse is devoted entirely to decorative and hardwood plywood. If that’s not enough selection, customers can pick through veneer sheets of surprising and rare woods, such as [...]


Honda to discontinue the NSX and develop a V10 engine for the next gen one. 18,000 cars sold in 15 years, with the first year, 91, being the peak (stats here thru ’98). I remember on the mailing list owners always complained and said they wanted a bigger engine. Oh yes, I miss my baby: [...]

Cool Faucet

Design by Mammoliti: — $600, which is $150 off at Faucets Direct! Hint: this only works in a Contemporary house Thanks Gizmodo.

First Freakonomics then Pokernomics Steve Levitt, the author of the cool book Freakonomics , will analyze play in online poker. See also his blog post announcing pokernomics.

SUVs are safer to drivers but more dangerous to other cars

I have to read this but I think it’s a “duh” kind of thing – but proof that SUVs are safer for occupants, but more dangerous to other cars: THE “ARMS RACE” ON AMERICAN ROADS: THE EFFECT OF SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES AND PICKUP TRUCKS ON TRAFFIC SAFETY It’s a classic survival of the fittest on [...]

Car seats for kids are not proven to help

In More evidence on car seats vs. seat belts, S. Levitt (author of Freakonomics : A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything) mentions his new paper Evidence that Child Safety Seats are No More Effective than Seat Belts in Reducing Fatalities for Children aged Two and Up*, in which the title seems to [...]

This system has acted slow the last few days due to DDOS attacks at our ISP

From Friday to Monday (7/8 to 7/11) this system seemed to be acting up. Networking was very slow. Pings were returning times up to 5000ms (you have to use the -w arg to ping if you want to see the slow responses) — well the ones that got thru, as at times there was 90% [...]

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