My travel experiences vs. Dom’s

Dom is doing a great job of telling about his misadventures in China.

I just got back from a quick trip to London for a 2 day meeting. I left LAX at 8am Sunday, arrived at 8am Monday in London, and was in mtgs for ~ 2 days.

While Dom’s dealing with rip off taxi drivers and non-English speakers, here’s an example of how my trip was:

I flew from LAX to JFK and had to change planes to go to London. As I’m boarding they take your ticket and put it thru this machine before I can walk down the ramp. The machine says “TICKET INVALID“. I’m like WTF? They take the ticket out, hand it over to the person behind the desk, she scans it, tears it up, and out pops another ticket, complimentary business class upgrade! I was upgraded on 3 of my 4 legs! I have something like Gold member status on American and only fly American, so life is good, and you don’t get too thrashed flying business over The Pond.

Once you’re seated in Business they serve you champagne. Then once the plane takes off there’s a little bowl of heated, mixed nuts for you, and they hand you a menu so you can choose an entrée. On domestic flights, American doesn’t serve food – well, not if you’re in coach. In business you still get some nice hot pizza or whatnot. But in spite of all this, an 8am mtg in London is like a midnight meeting in California, so it’s hard to stay away all day, esp if the meeting room is dark…and warm…and you’re not talking…OPPS, the head is dipping.

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