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Using an S-Curve for Color Blending

Recently I was reading about Perlin Noise (here too) and they mentioned using S Curves to blend random numbers togther in a more natural manner. The effect of using S Curves is that values don’t change as fast at either end of the range. I already had code that did linear color blending. I added [...]

Well done Steve

Congratulations to Steve on many hard years at Lumos and getting a job in the cool R&D division of Symantec. We started Lumos back in 1996 and Steve was the first employee and those were some fun and tough years.

Satellite Pictures of The Chemosphere

There was an article on The Chemosphere today in the LA Times, the cool house designed by John Lautner at 7776 Torreyson Drive, LA,CA 90046 and I used the frontend to the Terraserver to pull up satellite pictures of the house and generate the image above. If you click on it you’ll see a [...]

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