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On Intelligence the Book and Jeff Hawkins starts a company

Jeff Hawkins, of Palm Pilot fame, has started a new company based on the ideas in his book and named it Numenta. The book is well done and honest – he makes some predictions about how the brain works, and says that if his predictions are right, then certain discoveries will be made in the [...]

CSI/Miami filmed at the office

Excitement at work as CSI/Miami filmed at the Water Garden. I saw David Caruso yesterday – today I brought a camera and took some “spy pictures”. The actor pictured here is, I think, a double for Caruso. Click on the picture to go to the slideshow at flickr

Welcome to the Club, Baby K

Wed nite baby Kayley (5mo) did 2 difficult, unassisted, back to tummy rolls – and we call clapped and cheered. She was so worked up she stayed up for hours. Now, Friday, 2 days later, she’s a rolling machine and is really fun to watch. We have to set up pillows to contain her on [...]

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