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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Tsunami Reverts Beaches to Natural State Many believe the tsunami that devastated this tourist hotspot and killed thousands had one positive side: By washing away rampant development, it returned the beaches to nature.

The rain never stops

Weather radar image from Sunday afternoon during heavy rain. Usually if there’s a storm the storm is much smaller. Also the typical storm shows up as green in this kind of picture. Here the redish tones mean it’s more intense. Latest image here on wunderground

Who will stop the rain? Storm coming

From the SSEC: GEOS West Satellite Images. This is a water vapor satellite image which seems to show storms West of California lined up. Predictions are for separate storms to hit daily for the next 3-4 days. Click on the picture to see a bigger, 360k, 1500×1500 enlargement.

Spy pictures of celebrity houses in Malibu

Thanks to the California Coastal Records Project I stumbled across some interesting pictures of celebrity houses in Malibu. This is apparently Wlliam Shatner’s estate. Zoom in and check out the glass…..”atrium” on the place. Dick Clark’s Hexagon House. You have to zoom in to see it and it’s a little left of center on the [...]


Suprising profanity in as Dave Weiner gets mad at reporters for ignoring him

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