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Cool chess/art project

From is this chess/art runs in your browser, you play against it, and it draws cool swirly lines as it’s thinking. This is a screenshot of a game I played against it where I was White in a Danish Gambit. Click to go to their site. I found this on the popular [...]

Twisted Table

Can this twisted table be built so it doesn’t collapse? (Can it exist in nature or is it such a bad design it’ll immediately collapse?) Drawings below are done with Pov-Ray and Moray The concept is each leg goes at a 45 degree angle so it ends up under a different corner of the table [...]

New Animal Identified

The other day Lia and I went to her favorite restaurant, Rubios. I think she likes the place because she gets a toy w/ her kids meal – and she got a bag w/ some little, possibly “educational”, cards w/ a picture on the front and a description on the back. With this card she [...]

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