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Welcome Kayley

We are proud to announce that on Tue, Sept 28th, at 11:50am, Jeannette gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, 8lb 3oz, 19” baby girl named Kayley Jeannette Spencer. Dropoff The drama starts Monday….9pm, when Jenny starts to have contractions 10 mins apart. Around 2am they are 6min apart, and at 5min apart you’re supposed to [...]

Cute Chairs

I like these cute chairs from Baleri and they’re somewhat hard to find, esp when you tink the name is Belini or Bellini. The Apple Store on 3rd St has the round black ones in the kids area, the Tatino. DIY question: can you save money and have tons’o’fun by making your own? I’ve sat [...]

This is fast

Motorcycle clocked at 205mph

I try to make that cool light fixture

Mr DIY gives it a try and it doesn’t quite work. In this recent post I show a light fixture I discovered in Met Home magazine and then on the web that is seemingly made out of simple, off the shelf parts, and I thought it would be fun to try to make something like [...]

Amusing reference to “alien technology”

Amusing line from the Sept 15, 2004 issue of Crypto- Gram Additionally, algorithms from the NSA are considered a sort of alien technology: they come from a superior race with no explanations.

I think these lamps are cool

A future DIY project? Rody Graumans. 85 Lamps Lighting Fixture. 1992 Only $2450 at unicahome And a variation from freecell Thanks to GNR8 new/s.

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