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London: Final night

I wanted to do something a bit different for my final night, and I almost missed everything due to the classic London subway hassle of major delays due to “signalling falures” . But I took a different route and “flew” on the London Eye and it was fun – and a bit scary. While I [...]

London: Lia, what did you think?

Conversation a week or so ago, around when Lia and Jenny returned home: Jenny: Lia, how did you like London? Lia: Too many cities and buildings

London: Travel Disaster

Sunday morning, the ultimate travel disaster: Wake up late, have a nice late breakfast at a local cafe, and then spill my cappuccino on my shirt and shorts – and I only have 1 pair of shorts on this trip, being such an incredible packer, and I was gonna walk around today, and I hate [...]

London: Windsor, The Castle, The City, and The Long Walk

On Saturday I finally got out of town – took the train to Windsor to see Windsor Castle and The Long Walk Some parts of the castle are still under construction – or being fixed I guess: This Castle was built with protection in mind. Here’s a kind of window, seemingly designed so you can [...]

London: Does this count as fan mail?

I don’t know if this counts as fan mail, but it does seem to show that someone reads this humble site. From: …. To: dave Subject: web site you’re slacking off—no updates in awhile. I’m still trying to catch up with last weekend, and a trip to Kew with Lia and Jenny, esp before this [...]

London: Fahrenheit 911

Saw Fahrenheit 911 Friday night. Kinda fun to see this in a foreign country. Pretty much all seats were sold. Most amusing scene for me was Bush hanging out at the School/photo-op even after being told that the plans had hit the World Trade Center. At the end of the movie everyone clapped which people [...]

Amusing concession from French Factory Workers

From FT, French factory accepts longer hours or here. Yeah, but all they did was agree to go from a 35 to a 36 hour work week. Probably not a hugh quality of life change.

London: Both Tate Museums

Dateline Saturday Walking Tall Tate Britian Tate Modern

London: The girls go home

Sheri returns from Paris Thur nite and we go out to a great Indian restaurant specializing in the food of Goa. The waiters there were very nice – soon after we were seated they brought Lia a new doll (in its plastic packaging) for Lia to play with. Friday we all pack into a cab [...]

London: When it rains it pours

I was gonna take today, Wednesday, off and to go the Royal Botanic Gardens but the sky was gray and then it rained a bit. Lia has said her stomach hurts on and off and said so again this morning. Jenny thought that she, herself, was getting sick. Mid-afternoon I talk to Jenny and it [...]

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