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Fast thumbnail generation with ImageMagick instead of slow thumbnails in PHP

Obscure note: Dynamic PHP thumbnail generation takes forever. In one test on a fast, modern PC, it’s 6sec in PHP to convert a 2k by 3k, 3MP image to a 128×128 thumbnail. With the convert command in ImageMagick it takes almost as long…unless you use the magic *-size* argument. See the Examples section of the [...]

SearchMorph alpha launch

I’ve launched an experimental site named SearchMorph. It’s a specialized index of the generated javadoc of open source projects. The point is to let you easily discover what has, or surely has, been done before.

CD and DVD Longevity

Read The NIST CD and DVD Care and Handling Guide and keep them in a cool dark place. Also use Gold CDs and Silver DVDs made by MAM-A. Unfortunately gold DVDs don’t exist yet.

How amusing

A week ago, Sat morning, 7am, sitting with Lia at Manhattan Bread and Bagel and a Maserati Coupe’ pulls up, and it’s a little low, and it pulls up a little too far and scrapes the raised sidewalk. Kid jumps out of passenger side and runs to front of car to look, and dad gets [...]

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