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How to make money when interest rates rise

Am trying to learn more about the stock market and how the big guys make money – question du jour is how do you make money when interest rates rise – which seems likely and imminent. The assumption I have is that when interest rates rise, stocks get hammered. Well starting at me from home [...]

Cute line from CSI and possibly Sun Tzu

This is a qute line I heard at the beginning of a recent episode of CSI. Wait by the river long enough, and the corpses of your enemies will come floating past … But those were violent times According to this page it’s by Sun Tzu. This is an interesting case for search engines – [...]

Best Tech Gadget Sites

Cool Tools More unique but less frequent updates than other site. Mentioned in Wired too . Engadget Gizmodo

Cute advance in crypto/security

In some cases the blacked out words in old fashioned censored docs can probably be determined note: illustration not directly tied to story

The coming age of PIMs

Quality of life improvement coming

There may be more important things in life, but to see that Verizon offers faster DSL plans and my DSL upload will go up will be nice, as uploading digital pictures to a web site or shutterfly takes forever now at the lamo capped 128k limit… More news here and at Verizon and then at [...]

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