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powerbook battery annoyance

Jenny has a 6 month old Powerbook and about 2 months ago the charging system started acting flakey. You’d plug it in, charge it up to 100%, unplug it and sometimes the battery reading would almost instantly go to 0% and then the system would go off (as it had no juice). So I took [...]

Obscure Photoshop tip about sharpening images

First of all, as hopefully everyone knows by now, to sharpen images in Photoshop you use unsharpen, not sharpen (Filter::Sharpen::Unsharpen) Second, and here’s one of the few reasons I can find to use Photoshop instead of Photoshop Elements, you’re supposed to get better results if you use something called “lab color mode” (Image::Mode::Lab Color). The [...]


p e t u n i a yes

Stock Market Blobs

I created something I call stock market blobs which is an infoporn view of the current performance of some segment of the stock market (DJIA/QQQ/S&P500). Each blob shows the performance of one stock. The x axis is the price The y axis is the volume (well, the log() of the volume) The width is the [...]

The MouseBoard takes a step in the right direction

Disney removes Eisner from the Board At least Eisner’s not on the board. In theory the CEO should not be on the board as the board is supposed to keep an eye on the CEO.

hassles with dmoz content parsing

For years now I have found it very hard to parse dmoz content

to be

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